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ARM, not only mobile terminal but also high-end server CPU!

When it comes to ARM, many people's first reaction is the widespread application on the mobile side, such as mobile phones. All mobile phone brands in the world, no matter which one, including Apple, all adopt ARM architecture to design CPU.

About ARM

ARM is a company established in the UK. There were a dozen engineers in the early days, so there were not many people. The office space is in a barn, which is relatively simple. But ARM's shareholders are relatively powerful, including the current Apple Company, which was one of their early major shareholders. On November 27, 1990, Apple invested 1.5 million pounds, chip manufacturer VLSI invested 250,000 pounds, and Acorn itself invested 1.5 million pounds of intellectual property rights and 12 engineers. Here comes the Acorn company: the predecessor of ARM.

On December 5, 1978, physicist Hermann Hauser and engineer Chris Curry founded the CPU company (Cambridge·Processing Unit) in Cambridge, England, whose main business is to supply electronic equipment for the local market. In 1979, CPU Corporation changed its name to Acorn Corporation.
This is the history and origin of ARM.

The instruction set used by ARM is RISC, so why not use a complex instruction set (Complex Instruction Set Computing, CISC) like Intel? After all, CISC was a better instruction set at the time (the 80s and 90s), and of course, it is now. In fact, it's not that they don't want to use CISC, they have to find another way to use RISC. They also did not foresee that there will be such a large application market in a few decades, waiting for ARM to exert its architecture's particularity (low power consumption). Because at that time ARM used CISC to design the CPU, there was a threshold, the technical difficulty was high, and the funds were limited, so it turned to relatively simple RISC to design the CPU. However, the performance of the early-adopting RISC design CPU and the Intel product adopting CISC design has a big gap, so at one time there was no ARM in the server field, even in the field of ordinary desktop computers.
As the market’s demand for high-performance and low-power products continues to increase, ARM has finally begun to experiment. In terms of architecture, since the launch of ARMv8, it finally has a real 64-bit architecture and has applications in the server field. Hope. Through cooperation, ARM partners accelerate the development of the 64-bit ecosystem. In many cases, this can be regarded as a natural extension of the existing broad ecosystem of products supporting the ARMv7 architecture.
For the launch of ARMv8, some giants at that time commented like this:
Microsoft General Manager KD·Hallman said: “ARM is an important partner of Microsoft. For ARM and the ecosystem, it advocates, ARM’s support for the evolution of 64-bit architecture is a huge improvement. For this technology, it will be able to provide future-based We will wait and see the improvement brought by ARM's solution."
Dan Vivoli, senior vice president of NVIDIA, said: "The combination of NVIDIA's leading technology in power efficiency and high-performance processing with the new ARMv8 architecture will bring revolutionary breakthroughs, affecting everything from smartphones to supercomputers. All equipment in the computing field."
Waxing Semiconductor was the first to test the water server.
About Huaxintong: Huaxintong was established in January 2016, jointly funded by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government and American chip giant Qualcomm. It is mainly engaged in the design, development and sales of ARM server technology for server chips almost monopolized by the Intel market. It is a pity that the joint venture company soon closed. The specific reasons are more sensitive. Domestic observations will not go into details. In short, foreign giants will never be so stupid to give away key technologies. This is domestic. ZF investment promotion departments and enterprises always need to keep in mind! If so, it means that we don’t want to do it ourselves, we just adopt them and give us some ready-made ones, and then we lose our motivation for self-development because they will slowly output a little technology, we have been following them, Unable to breakthrough. In fact, this warning watcher remembers that many domestic think tanks such as General Jin Yinan mentioned it. This is a bit far away...

Returning to the topic of technology, since the ARM architecture that supports a 64-bit instruction set came out, the following influential giants at home and abroad have gradually increased because they really hope to have such a new model from their respective businesses and commercial perspectives. A product that can balance performance and energy consumption comes out. At this time Amazon came out. Amazon is not just a platform company that buys products. The company's technical strength is among the top in the world, and its market value exceeded $1 trillion in 18 years! Introduced revolutionary IT technologies such as Amazon Cloud.
Of course, giants are giants. When the external market or partners cannot meet their needs, they will come by themselves. The best example is Apple! In fact, at the earliest time, Apple didn’t think of designing a mobile phone by itself. Old Joe had such an idea. He wanted to make a mobile phone without buttons, so he thought of cooperating with a third party to develop it. Unfortunately, the third party could not meet the requirements of Jobs. , So in a rage, Jobs decided to design it himself! So there was the iPhone which was shocking and changed the whole mobile phone world completely! Nokia and BlackBerry disappeared by accident. Because once humans have the telegraph and telephone communication method, they will no longer use the 800-mile urgent horse-riding delivery method. Therefore, the rise of a batch of new technology products means the decline of a batch of old products.

Apple has changed the mobile phone world. Companies such as Amazon estimate that they will use ARM technology to change the rules of the server market because this time Amazon has brought Graviton2 server processors with 7nm process technology and an astonishing 30 billion transistors integrated inside!


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