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How does the server distinguish the types of attacks?

As a server manager, whenever the server is down and cannot be accessed, it is necessary to check for failures and restore the server to operation as soon as possible. There are many reasons for the inaccessibility of the server. Simple system failures usually recover as soon as the system restarts. For more complex ones, such as system or application crashes, you must try to back up data and reinstall the system and programs; and more troublesome viruses Intrusion makes the server inaccessible. If it is impossible to compete for server authority or prevent data leakage, the only way to reinstall the system and reset the firewall is as soon as possible. The most troublesome thing is being attacked by traffic such as DDOS or CC. If the computer room is not defended, then the server can only return to normal after the attack stops. So when it is determined that the server is attacked and cannot be accessed, how to distinguish the attack type? Generally, after being attacked by traffic, t

Servers are down again worldwide, Google’s official response: due to internal technical failures

On December 15th, on Monday, local time in the United States, Google servers once again went down globally. However, the company has found the culprit responsible for the paralysis of dozens of services, that is, due to internal technical failures. server CPU   On Monday morning, almost all of Google's major applications were unable to go online, including YouTube and Gmail, resulting in hundreds of millions of users unable to access key services. The company said that the downtime was due to an internal storage quota issue (similar to a mobile phone notifying users that storage space was about to run out), which caused the authentication system used to log in to user accounts to malfunction. A Google spokesperson said in a statement: "At 3:47 AM Pacific time, Google’s authentication system was interrupted for approximately 45 minutes due to internal storage quota issues. During this period, services that required users to log inexperienced a high error rate. The authenticatio

Why is Intel's CPU so valuable?

First of all, 7500 can actually be won by more than 900 now, of course, even the price of more than 900 is still too outrageous. the reason? I think it is because the supply is small. When the number of CPUs on the market is greater than the number of motherboards, more CPUs will be sold separately, and the CPUs will not maintain their value. Conversely, when the number of motherboards on the market is larger than the number of CPUs, more motherboards will be sold separately, so that the motherboards will not maintain their value, and CPUs can be sold as exotic products. When the number of CPUs is the same as the number of motherboards, more second-hand board U sets will appear, making the single-sold CPUs become scarce, causing the CPU to maintain its value. So for the subject of the subject, if the i5 7500 is particularly valuable, the main reason is naturally that the number of motherboards supporting the 7 series is too large, which makes the 7 series CPU relatively scarce. Let me

You are AMD's CPU so hot in 2020, what measures will Intel take in this regard?

When do general users need CPU performance? We often talk about CPU performance, but when do we need CPU performance most? With the richness of various software and peripheral hardware on today's computers, there are many functions that can be realized. The performance of different CPUs running different applications often has its own advantages. However, the essence of the CPU is calculation, and the performance required is either complicated in calculation or large amount of data to be calculated. In many fields, there are very complex calculations with very large amounts of data. However, for consumer users and general business users who account for the largest number of users, the most demanding performance is usually video-including video games. Because in common applications, video applications need to process or generate the largest amount of data: take the most popular 1080p24FPS, 8bit color video as an example, one second needs to show the user 24 frames, each frame has 19