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How to choose the right AMD CPU for your Pc

AMD Processor Types and Differences Guide after we deploy the Intel processor types and the difference between them. What are AMD processor categories? 🟠 Economic category AMD Family A A6 | A8 | A10 B450 Supporting Motherboards | X470 | X570 | X370 | B350 | A320 The AMD Processor-based Economic Family has three sub-families. the A6 dual-core, A8 quad-core and A10 quad-core processor family and the most powerful among them. This category of processors is appropriate for tasks such as: surfing the internet , watching videos , playing music editing text. These series of processors have an integrated graphics processor which means. you don't need to invest in a discrete graphics card making them an economic class.

Which is better, GTX or RTX?

Calling them RTX 20 series instead of GTX 20 series is just a marketing ploy to make everything seem new and fresh, which it is. So let’s talk about what you’re really asking, which is what is the difference between 10 series and the 20 series. Well the 10 series is Pascal architecture which is 16 nm transistors and the 20 series is Turing architecture which is 12 nm transistors. What does this mean? Smaller transistors, which allows you to fit more of them in the processor, and this directly relates to better performance. Generally you can expect 40% higher FPS on new upcoming graphically impressive games. You WILL get 30~40% better performance in new games, and I am fully aware that many reports say that the increase is negligible. Most of those reports are comparing old games such as GTA V (yes, GTA V is really old now… a full 5 years which is ANCIENT in computer terms) that are mostly CPU/engine bound and can’t benefit much from faster architecture. The other major difference is ne

Apple and Intel want to join the game, what happened to the GPU market?

Intel recently announced that it will launch Xe-LP GPU at the end of this year, officially entering the independent GPU market, and will hand over to TSMC for foundry. At the 2020 WWDC held not long ago, Apple also revealed that it is possible to abandon AMD's GPU and use a self-developed solution based on the ARM architecture. It will launch a self-developed GPU next year. What happened to the GPU market? Why are the giants entering the game?    Massive data calls for high-performance GPU    Why has the demand for GPUs increased so rapidly in recent years? Because we are entering an era where everything needs to be visualized. Dai Shuyu, a partner of Aiwa (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., told a reporter from China Electronics News that visualization requires a large amount of graphics and image computing capabilities, and a large amount of high-performance image processing capabilities are required for both the cloud and the edge.    Aiwa (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterp

NVIDIA will hold a live broadcast to release a new generation of CPU and GPU

The CES exhibition in 2021 is coming soon. AMD, Intel and NVIDIA will take this opportunity to release a new generation of CPUs and GPUs. Today NVIDIA also confirmed that it will hold a live broadcast on January 12, and hinted at the upcoming new products. The official warm-up theme is GeforceRTX: GameOn. The video is only 9 seconds long and the screen flashes by. However, a lot of news has been revealed. 3Dnews believes that there are four points worth paying attention to. The first thing that did not run was the RTX30 series of notebook graphics cards. Previously, it was reported that there will be at least three RTX3080, RTX3070 and RTX3060. Next is the picture below, which shows the relationship between GPU, CPU, and video memory. This should be related to a new technology-remember the SAM intelligent memory access technology proposed by AMD before? Now the NVIDIA version is coming. SAM technology is essentially derived from the specification ResizableBAR since PCIe2.0, which allow

Domestic GPU chips are catching up with GTX 1080

In addition to CPUs, domestic companies are also beginning to catch up with international standards in the GPU field. A few days ago, Changsha Jingjiawei revealed that the new generation of GPU chips developed by the company is currently in the back-end design, and subsequent progress will be disclosed in regular reports. Although Jing Jiawei did not disclose what the so-called next-generation GPU is, according to the company's previous information, the next-generation GPU chip should be the JM9 series, which has been developed since 2018. On the GPU, Jingjiawei currently has two series, JM5 and JM7, of which JM5400 series has been applied in domestic military aircraft, replacing AMD/ATI products, and JM7200 series adopts 28nm process, performance is similar to NVIDIA's GT640 graphics card , But the overall power consumption is less than 10W, which is much lower than the latter's 50WTDP, and some orders have been obtained. The next-generation GPU is the JM9 series. This pro

NVIDIA will acquire SoftBank's chip company ARM for $40 billion

Recently, according to foreign media reports, artificial intelligence chip manufacturer Graphcore raised US$222 million in its E round of financing. This financing will help the company continue its global expansion and further accelerate the development of future IPU chips, systems and software. It is reported that this round of financing was led by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Committee, and funds managed by Fuda International and Schroder participated in the investment. Also participating in this round of financing are Graphcore’s existing investors, including Baillie Gifford and Draper Esprit. This round of financing allows Graphcore to raise a total of more than 710 million US dollars. Currently, Graphcore's valuation reaches 2.77 billion US dollars, higher than 1.5 billion US dollars two years ago. The E round of financing is of epoch-making significance for Graphcore, especially when the company considers cloud technology and 5G to increase the adoption rate of AI. Hea

NVIDIA officially launches RTX 30 series mobile graphics cards

In the early morning of January 13, NVIDIA officially launched the RTX30 series of mobile graphics cards at the CES2021 exhibition. Ampere-based GPUs have also reached the mobile terminal, mainly including RTX3080, RTX3070 and RTX3060 models. In addition to improving game performance, the RTX30 series of mobile graphics cards have twice the energy efficiency of the previous generation, and support the third-generation Max-Q technology, mainly supporting DynamicBoost2.0 dynamic acceleration technology, WisperMode2.0 noise control, ResizableBAR (similar to AMD’s SAM technology) and DLSS. The third-generation Max-Q technology uses AI and new system optimization to make high-performance gaming laptops faster and more powerful than ever. These technologies include: ·DynamicBoost2.0: The CPU and GPU powers of traditional gaming notebooks are fixed, while games and creative applications are dynamic, and the requirements for the system will vary with the number of frames. With DynamicBoost2.0,

AMD's GPU technology enters the mobile phone chip market for the first time

In addition to the release of the Exynos2100 processor, Samsung also confirmed a major event at this Exynos event, that is, the custom GPU that they have worked with AMD for many years will soon appear and will be used on the next flagship machine. The current Exynos2100 processor uses ARM’s Mali-G78GPU core with a total of 14 cores, so the GPU architecture developed by Samsung will be the next Exynos processor, and the GPU will be the focus. This is probably the meaning of Exynos2100’s GPU stacking. The key reason. Dr. InyupKang, president of Samsung’s LSI business, confirmed that the next-generation mobile GPU in cooperation with AMD will be used in the next flagship product, but he did not specify which product. Samsung is not talking about the next-generation flagship but the next one, so it is very likely that a new Exynos processor will be available this year, either for the GalaxyNote21 series or the new generation of folding screen GalaxyZFold3. In 2019, AMD and Samsung reached

Where to buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 — latest stock updates

We regret to inform you that unless you're willing to pay way over the odds, finding where to buy the GeForce RTX 3090 is still stupidly hard. That's because the most powerful enthusiast-grade graphics card from Nvidia has pretty much sold out everywhere. Unfortunately, we don't expect any new GeForce RTX 3090 to arrive in high volumes in the foreseeable future. But that's to be expected as Nvidia knew this situation was coming up and apologized in advance, noting that stocks were always going to below as the RTX 3090 is more of a professional and high-end enthusiast rather than a mass-market graphics card. If you get fed up and want a more affordable Nvidia graphics card then the GeForce RTX 3060 on its way.  Nvidia RTX 3080 vs. RTX 2080 Ti: How much better is it? Where to buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Plus: PS5 pre-orders hit GameStop tomorrow — what you need to know With that caveat in mind, here's a list of retailers selling the monstrously powerful graphics c