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When will graphics card prices drop in 2021?

A few years ago, against the backdrop of widespread hysteria surrounding the rapidly growing crypto market and the cost of major crypto assets, the price of video cards rose. This is mainly because the video card is one of the main tools of encryption miners. At the same time, this change in the price of graphics cards has a negative impact not only on gamers but also on miners because they are forced to invest more money in mining equipment. In view of these circumstances, it is necessary to figure out when the price of the graphics card will be reduced, and find out the main reason for the price increase of the graphics card. The relevance of using video cards for crypto mining in 2021 Despite the increasing complexity of crypto mining and the popularity of ASIKOV, video cards will continue to be a popular solution for creating cryptocurrency farms. In many ways, China’s mining graphics cards, which have restored the previous generation of popular models, will be able to support this