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When will graphics card prices drop in 2021?

A few years ago, against the backdrop of widespread hysteria surrounding the rapidly growing crypto market and the cost of major crypto assets, the price of video cards rose. This is mainly because the video card is one of the main tools of encryption miners. At the same time, this change in the price of graphics cards has a negative impact not only on gamers but also on miners because they are forced to invest more money in mining equipment. In view of these circumstances, it is necessary to figure out when the price of the graphics card will be reduced, and find out the main reason for the price increase of the graphics card.

The relevance of using video cards for crypto mining in 2021

Despite the increasing complexity of crypto mining and the popularity of ASIKOV, video cards will continue to be a popular solution for creating cryptocurrency farms. In many ways, China’s mining graphics cards, which have restored the previous generation of popular models, will be able to support this trend.

The cost of such a solution will be significantly lower than the cost of brand peers. At the same time, users will be able to obtain the required level of performance. It is true that there is no point in using such cards to mine bitcoins because of their high energy consumption and relatively weak performance. But they are ideal for withdrawing a variety of simpler coins, as well as any other graphics cards, including modern graphics cards.

As long as there are altcoins that allow you to make money from this kind of crypto mining, cryptocurrency farms based on video chips will continue to function.

Considering the active development of the market and the emergence of new promising digital currencies, it is necessary to figure out when the price of graphics cards will fall in 2021, so that graphics cards can be purchased quickly to mine cryptocurrencies.

Reasons for the price increase of graphics cards

A video card is a special device used to display graphics images on a monitor screen. In addition, the chips of such devices can also be used to process large amounts of information, including for encryption mining.

The graphics card market follows a simple principle of supply and demand. If demand increases and the level of supply falls or remains the same, the value of the commodity will rise. Therefore, in the context of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the increase in video card prices is mainly related to the shortage of such equipment, and the number of active miners engaged in cryptocurrency mining has increased.

As long as mining continues to be popular and algorithms will allow video chip-based farms to be used for encryption mining, one should not expect the price of the latest generation of graphics cards to drop sharply. This is because the more cards work, the more profit they can bring to the owner. As a result, miners have begun to actively invest in such equipment, causing ordinary users and gamers to be temporarily deprived of the opportunity to purchase video adapters due to shortages.

When the cryptocurrency was popular and the cost of Bitcoin reached its peak, the price of the popular model tripled in a few months. But even the sharp increase in the cost of video adapters has not deterred people who want to join mining and start mining for digital gold.

During the cryptocurrency frenzy, store shelves simply didn't have the latest video cards like when miners bought them when they appeared. The same applies to online stores. The online platform has no time to import new equipment. In addition, wholesalers temporarily refused to actively cooperate with stores and so on. How do they start to profit from wholesale hardware directly to crypto miners.

In fact, we can say that the price chart of video cards started to rise rapidly, mainly due to the decline in the exchange rate of Bitcoin and the growth of other less popular cryptocurrencies, which forced many users to start buying video adapters. Hope to make money through cryptocurrency mining. At the same time, this trend of sharp price increases not only affects video chips, but also other components (cables, power supplies, loops, etc.) used in encryption farms.

Generally speaking, the rise in graphics card price charts is due to the following factors:

The rapid popularity of mining;

Create a deficit in the video chip market;

Manufacturers lack practical interest in the release of special video adapters based on popular video chips for encryption mining.

Best Nvidia GPU for mining in 2021

Before you start trying to predict the price of graphics cards in 2021, you should first become familiar with the best video adapters for building high-performance cryptocurrency farms.

When considering Nvidia’s solution, you should first abandon the use of the previous generation of new mid-level graphics cards (GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, Gtx 1060, 1060 TI), because the payback period is quite long, considering the current cryptocurrency exchange rate. If the cost of major encrypted assets drops, then the use of such video adapters will become meaningless. Only use second-hand ear cards to build a farm based on GTX 1060. However, it is important to consider that when purchasing a previously used card, it is recommended to purchase a guaranteed and unopened adapter. The cost of this card starts at 5000 rubles for the previously used option and 12000 rubles for the new card.

If you use the previous generation Nvidia card, it is recommended to pay attention to GTX 1070 and 1070Ti. On average, such cards can pay for themselves within 430 days, provided that the current exchange rate of the main currency remains unchanged. The price of this kind of graphics card starts from 23,000 rubles. As for the options used, you can find a pretty good one for 10,000 rubles. Indeed, you need to consider the high risk of buying a non-working or problematic video adapter.

In any case, experienced miners still recommend abandoning the idea of ​​using these graphics cards to build crypto farms. The only exception is when a large number of such video cards reach users at a price significantly lower than the market price. You can also try to wait for a period of time for the GTX 1070 / 1070Ti graphics card to drop in price.

The situation of the new mid-priced Nvidia cards represented by GTX 1660 / 1660Ti is more interesting than the high-end solutions of previous years.

Even the ordinary 1660 shows excellent mining results. At the same time, the average cost of this card is 16,000 rubles. Those who want to save money can also buy second-hand options that have only been used for a few months due to these video adapters recently released on the market. Such cards show the best profitability when used to withdraw unstable tokens such as SWAP, GRIN, and Zcoin.

It is difficult to say what will happen to these tokens in the near future, but their cost today allows them to recover 1,660 in less than 10 months of continuous operation. At the same time, the influencing factors of electricity bills must be considered, which can increase the payback period of 2-4 months. If you use these cards to mine Ethereum, they can be rewarded within 700 days on average. If the ETH exchange rate rises sharply, the payback period will be shortened in proportion to the increase in the token exchange rate.

These cards are an ideal solution for users who have access to cheap electricity. In less than a year, the return on the crypto farm was an amazing result. It is true that the choice of using these video adapters is fraught with the little-known risk of coin exchange rate collapse. However, as the price of video cards will begin to fall, the development of the incident can be corrected.

If we consider 1660 TI alone, then we can draw a simple conclusion that it does not make any sense for building a farm. This is because this card shows similar results to 1660 in crypto mining, but its cost is 20% higher, so it is meaningless to use it.

In any case, you should understand that cheap graphics cards for mining are not the best solution due to low performance. Therefore, you should pay attention to the more expensive options.

The prices of new graphics cards from the Nvidia 2000 series (RTX 2060, 2070, 2080, 2080 Ti) are still a bit too high, which can be explained by their recent appearance in the market. It is expected that the price of Nvidia's high-end graphics cards will begin to decline gradually in 2021.

Regardless of average electricity bills, this high-end solution can pay for itself when mining popular coins within 1.5 years. If the price of electricity is taken into consideration, the payback period can be extended by two years. It should be noted that the most expensive option exhibits lower mining performance in terms of return on investment. In the future, when the price of graphics cards drops, NVIDIA's high-end solutions will be able to justify itself.

Among all Nvidia's new crypto mining models, 2060 stands out, and prices have fallen since its inception. These cards have a great demand and a large supply in the market, which leads to their cost reduction. Only when users can consider the factors that may reduce the cost of unstable coins should consider using 2060 for encryption, and it is best to mine with the help of 2060. Therefore, it is currently impossible to recommend a new Nvidia card to create a crypto farm due to the high risk of its long-term return.

The best GPU for AMD mining in 2021

As in previous years, AMD’s graphics cards continue to maintain a leading position in the miner’s video adapter market. Not only do they show the shortest payback period on the market, but they are also able to mine one of the most popular Ethereum coins. You will need to pay approximately 12,000 rubles for the RX570 card. For the more expensive and more powerful RX580 card, you need to pay about 14,000 rubles. The difference in performance indicators between these cards is directly proportional to the difference in cost, ranging from 10-15%. For this reason, miners can choose any of these cards.

As for Vega 56 and 64, experienced crypto miners recommend Vega 56 first. First of all, this is because the graphics card has been modified to allow you to place a modified BIOS, which makes it actually possible to compare 56 Vega to 64 in terms of performance. This is due to the similar architecture of these two video adapters.

The price of Vega 56 is 24,000 rubles. Of course, it is important to consider that due to a certain shortage of these cards, miners may encounter problems when purchasing them. Excluding electricity bills, the payback period for this card is 13 months.

It makes no sense to think of the new generation AMD 5000 series cards as a device for mining cryptocurrency. This is due to their overpriced. Therefore, it is worth waiting for AMD's new graphics cards to drop in price in 2021.

When will graphics card prices drop in 2021?

Most experts have made quite comforting predictions about the cost of cryptographic miners in 2021. If we believe the forecast of graphics card prices in 2021, the market expects that the cost of video adapters will drop by 20-30%. First of all, this is due to the next complexity expected in the process of mining popular coins, which will make household mining completely meaningless. At the same time, some predictions indicate that manufacturers can reduce the cost of cards by 50% to keep gamers interested in their products.

If manufacturers do not take steps to reduce the cost of cards, they may trigger a large-scale transition of gamers to consoles. As a result, this may lead to the closure of many companies that specialize in video adapters. In the context of declining interest in mining by ordinary users, only gamers can support manufacturers participating in card production.

In addition, the factor of declining user interest in the new generation of cards cannot be ignored. This is due to the saturation of the used card market, the high-performance equipment that used to be part of the encryption farm. Therefore, miners and gamers no longer need to invest in upgrading PCs and mining systems.

This situation in the market forces Nvidia to reduce the production of new video adapters to a certain extent, until the number of previous-generation graphics cards in stores and online sites is reduced.

The price of cards in 2021 will also be affected by the crypto market situation. Until the cost of the popular cryptocurrency among miners remains at current levels, one should not expect the price of new graphics cards to drop sharply. At the same time, if the price of cryptocurrency starts to rise, it is expected that the cost of video adapters will rise again and form a gap in the market for such devices.


Experts still recommend giving up the idea of ​​buying a new graphics card. This is mainly due to the high pricing of the new generation of video adapters and the possible decline in the price of previous generations of high-performance solutions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a wait-and-see attitude and wait for the cost of graphics cards to drop.


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